Monday, August 17, 2009

landlords r not friendz:u will get fucked!

Long story short my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years gets into a friendly relationship with the new home owner of our home. Valerio bought the home via auction when my boyfriends father died & the home he owned went up for public auction. There are still some inky things about the results of the auction because the monies owed was far less than 30 grand & they got 250 grand. So, after ALL the fee's & such were paid where did the REST of the money go? Hmmmmmm........

So, for the last 4 years they have been good friends. Valerio trusts my bf with his kids & family. Invited us into his home umpteen times for meals & conversation. Made my bf his property manager & trusts him with money from all the tenants, bought us birthday & xmas gifts, etc. You get the jist of the relationship.

My bf is a notorious pack rat. He made mistakes by not cleaning things up (in the dungeon basement) on time but nothing serious. My bf goes above & beyond the call of duty & does for him what he does not even do to care fo rthe tenants & their complaints & the repair issues. Our apartment is a slum hole. The ceiling is literally falling on our heads, the bathroom has an eternal leak & no ceiling, paint that is so old it is full of lead & chipping, the kitchen floor tiles are coming off in chunks, no heat source what so ever, we pay hundreds per winter for space & kerosene heaters, wall paper in kitchen so old it was hung by paste & is peeling off in sheets, grease so thick on walls around stove from the past tenant u can scrape it off & grease 1000 nappy babies hair straight again & stop the squeeks of about 100000 items that squeek, etc. but I do my best with minimal complaint, eat the bull shit up with a spoon that he is "poor" & cant fix it now (yet his non working, skinny, bushy eye brow havin, asshole lazy, cant bring her 9 year old son to the library less than 2 miles from their house even though she has a car, wife is on all expense paid trip to Portugal all this summer w/the 2 kids & he is remodeling his home as we type). I scrub the walls to makethem look good (knowing it is a fruitless endeavor on my part) yet all it leaves are muddy streaks behind. Yet he wants to complain about my cat or my dog & their fur on the floor! FUCK YOU, YOU UGLY LITTLE BALD HOBBIT!
His brother who has a car & has not worked in over a year stays home all fucking day & does not do one thing to help the property he lives at & has not paid rent in a year at all gets away scott free!!!

This landlord is a petty little asshole!

He wants to serve up a "NOTICE TO QUIT" ???? Welp I am servin up a "KICK YOUR FUCKING SLUM LORD ASS & I HAVE HAD ENUFF ASSHOLE & I WILL DEFEND MY RIGHTS!" notice in "Housing Code Court". The fact I have NO heat source available is enough to slap a huge fucking fine on him & get us a ticket to ride. I promised him & my BF I would not call Housing Code on the apartment because I understood BUT now my name is on that "Notice to Quit" I have to protect my ass.

Anything we did, be it late rent or anything was ALWAYS done with FULL cooperation from Valerio. NOW he got his little girly feeling hurt by my BF for some retarded reason & decided to "teach us a lesson". He wants attention, ball licking sessions, plain & simple! Screw you. I want a pretty apartment by a normal landlord who would lick our balls to have a tenant who wants to have a nice joint & keep it in tip top & not muck it all up!

DO NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER BECOME "FRIENDS" With your landlord! It WILL truly fuck u in the ass without lube!

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